Ján Boholy

1. The invention : Gloub – chess / 3D chess board /

The problem to be solved : The disadvantage of a traditional chess-board is, that the figure’s virstousness , getting near to the edge of the board is decreasing and on the corner-scope is just as inconvenient. These negative aspects are stable on any 2D´s chess-boards, because the above mentioned facialities are impossible to eliminate.

Definition: The negative aspects of a traditional chess-board , on a new 3D´s surface auto- matically become extinguished , because on the neverending surface of the globe-chess, the edges & corners of the playing area will disappear.

Presentation: The „Globe-chess“ is no more than a traditional chess-board replaced on the surface of a globe. /8x8+2 panel/ It’s consequential that from the structure of a globe we get a playing area, where the corners and edges are nonexistent. In this case the figures are able to get all the unlimited chances to reach their highest effectuality. The movements can only be obstructive by the enemy’s or by it’s own figures. The corners and edges of the chess-board could not stop them as it would in the traditional sense.
The Gloub-chess is a store house of unlimited opportunities. Such new variants will come across which require a higher level of thinking and creativity. The ability to think in 3D is definitively in need. The straight result of it , is a brandnew chess theory „The Globe – chess” which has been already published.
The objective of my invention – the Globe-chess – is the improved exploitation of the classical 8x8 squares using the classical number of figures (with the help of a sphere surface and 2 complementary squares).

Application: Sports field – specifically the theoretical, experimental and practical feasibility areas of the modern game of chess.

Advantages: This revolutionary new theory of „CHESS“ gives a possibility to improve the conscious mind of any individual. This kind of various and embranchment opportunities specifically could develop the capability of the player. Certain advanced levels reachability is given, which can be useful in other areas of life too.

Stage of development: Product.

Documentation available: „The basis of the Globe-chess“ – written documentary which has been published in a book format.

2. The inventor

Name: János Boholy

Self introduction: 50 years old, he lives in the Gemer-Malohont region, researcher of the history and theoretical issues of the game of chess and the inventor of the Globe-chess theory.

3. The protection

Form: Patent

Priority: 1987
Countries where it is in force: Czech republic 1987, Slovakia 1993.

Owner of patent: The inventor.

4. Business intention: Estabilish commerce relations /production, product introduction/


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